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Hughes Autos are are located in Dundrod, close to the Nutts Corner roundabout.

We are an independent Nissan repair, service, and diagnostic centre. We use dealer level diagnostic equipment (our workshop is equipped with the latest Nissan Consult III Plus diagnostic machine which diagnoses all Nissan models) so we can do just the same as the dealer, but at a more cost-effective price. We have also invested in the very latest Nissan consult diagnostic for R35 GT-R up to the very latest model.

Fixed Price Servicing

Rock high performance antifreeze is a superior mono ethelyne glycol based formula offering exceptional performance and protection for all types of petrol and diesel engines.

Brake Fluid Change
Our brake fluid is a high-performance, synthetic fluid which exceeds almost all requirements of various brake fluid specifications.

Oil Changes
 In order to keep your Nissan running at full tilt all year round, you’ll need to change your oil and we offer a full oil changing service here at Hughes Autos.

MOT Prep

At our Car MOT Test Centre, we’ll perform all of the necessary preparations for your MOT.

In order for the examiner to perform the MOT, the car needs to be in full working order and the interior and underside of the car need to be adequately clean or the inspector reserves the right to refuse to examine the vehicle.

However, at Hughes Autos, we can make sure that your car is in the perfect condition, ready for your MOT inspection, as well as performing any work that would be required to ensure that your vehicle passes its MOT.

For more information or to book you MOT Prep, contact us today!

Fault Finding & Diagnostics

Electrical & software faults

Using the very latest state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and addition of an experienced Nissan technician with over 30 years under his belt, we are able to locate any faults on a vast array of on-board systems on most Nissan vehicles.  An initial labour charge will be agreed prior to any diagnosis, prices vary depending on the fault.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest Nissan Consult III + diagnostic machine which diagnoses all Nissan models.

Mechanical faults

With over 30 years years worth of experience, we can always ensure an accurate diagnosis. An initial labour charge will be agreed prior to any diagnosis, prices vary depending on the fault.

Repairs & Maintenance

Hughes Autos offer a first class level of service, unmatched customer care and genuine value for money. We are fully dedicated to the individual needs of our customers and take great pride in the services we provide.

Hughes Autos consists of highly-trained and experienced technicians, overseen by an owner who is trained by the major manufacturers to a master tech level, ensuring that we can always provide a wide range and perfect blend of experiences and knowledge when it comes to your Nissan.

We have your best interests in mind every time you bring your vehicle to us. In addition, for your peace of mind, all our parts and labour carry a minimum of 12 months guarantee.

Timing / Cam Belts

Timing belt replacement on 1.5dci models including Juke, Qashqai and Note plus any other Nissan 1.5dci model including the NV200 van replaced with Nissan genuine Nissan parts at HughesAutos.

Early models renew the timing belt (every 75,000 miles/72 months; Timing belt renewal intervals may be subject to updates and may differ regionally) later models do have extended intervals.

Failure to replace the timing belt can cause major engine damage costing hundreds of pounds to repair. Why take the risk?


Gtr 350z and 370z

At HughesAutos we cater for all Nissan high performance cars just like the dealer. Service repair and diagnoses.

On the GT-R (R35) we have the dealer level computer that allows us carry out clutch learn and gearbox optimization.

The design of the GT-R (R35) clutch, transmission requires inspection and adjustment of the clutch and shift system at the recommended service intervals. 

HughesAutos diagnostic equipment allows us to perform the engine’s correct balance. At Hughes Autos I am also Nissan factory trained on the GT-R (R35) when launched in 2009


 Here at Hughes Autos, we’ll help you keep your exhaust in the best condition with our supply and replacement service.

Exhaust supply & replacement

Here at Hughes Autos, we offer an exhaust supply and replacement service. We take extreme pride in the knowledge that when we fit an exhaust, we fit it correctly first time, every time with no alignment issues, blowing or banging.

We can fit more or less any Nissan Exhaust while you wait, but if for any reason any of the components will take longer, we can give you an accurate ETA.


Get your brake safety check carried out free of charge at HughesAutos.

We offer;

Brake fluid changes

New breaks fitted.

Genuine Nissan parts at the best prices.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Nissan High Performance

Gtr 350z and 370z Specialists

At HughesAutos we cater for all Nissan high performance cars just like the dealer. Service, repair and diagnostics.